... and the Guardian Angel Project

Each kindergarten supports a needy child

The association Children in Vienna (KIWI) operates 91 nurseries and kindergartens in Vienna. The KIWI facilities represent innovative and creative places where children are taught in their individuality, personal responsibility and social skills. Since 2013 KIWI supports the Guardian Angels project of small hearts.

The Guardian Angel Project

Under the cooperation of each KIWI site and the office shall sponsor a needy child in Russia. write the KIWI kids letters, draw and make for her godchild or transmit gifts on the occasion of holidays or birthday of the child.

Children need confidence, confidence in one's self and security, to develop and to cope with the challenges of life. We are very pleased that children give some warmth to our KIWI kindergartens and -Horten children in Russia and Ukraine. it was more important, never "to convey values ​​such as helpfulness and appreciation, Monika says Riha, educational manager of KIWI.

It is very nice to see how much warmth of the heart children get involved with children. We look forward to the cooperation with the "little hearts" and hope to bring joy to many more children in this way" adds Thomas-Peter Siegl, MBA, Managing Director of KIWI.

Tanya, Russia

Tanya, Russia

Artem, Russia

Anya, Russia

Oleg, Russia

The project is having a positive effect on both donor and beneficiary sides: for sponsored children from Russia or Ukraine, it means valuable assistance and support that goes far beyond financial help, especially as the sponsored children are provided with security and sentiment, not in emergency situations to be alone. In Russia, needy children with up to 150 children live under one roof. For lack of appreciation and affection, many orphans do not manage to integrate later into society.

the needy children are already experienced early in life that there are people who care about them and pay attention to them by the Guardian Angel Project.

On the other hand KIWI children learn through contact and exchange of information to another world to know and be aware of the issues of poverty and social injustice. For them it is a project that strengthens the cohesion within the group. The aim is to convey the value of giving to the KIWI children while children in Russia and Ukraine are getting real attention.

On the part of godchildren a supervisor or a supervisor accompanies the gifted child and encouraged to return the guardian angels letters and tell of his world.

Anastasia, Russia

The successful cooperation between “Children in Vienna” and little hearts

In addition to the Guardian Angel Project, the following projects have been funded by Children in Vienna successfully supported:

2019 - Food warehouse for the children of Opochka successfully built

2018 - 70 years children in Vienna (KIWI)

2018KIWI supports the education of disadvantaged children

little hearts is very grateful for the great cooperation.