“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
They are endowed with reason and conscience and should treat one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Important information

Due to the current critical situation, no new sponsorships can be concluded in Ukraine and Russia at the moment. Only in Cambodia is this still possible.

We are very grateful for the amount of encouragement via email, social media and telephone calls. We are currently unable to answer everything promptly and ask for your understanding. For now, our attention is on rescuing our children and their caregivers. We ask for further financial support and guarantee that 100% of all donations will be passed on.

We have stopped all projects in Russia with immediate effect, but we want to continue the personal sponsorships for the innocent children.

Thanks to everyone who supports us and at the same time gives energy for our work.

We stand with the people of Ukraine and Russia,
who don't want this war.

In the face of fear, choose courage. In the face of division, choose unity. And in the face of aggression, choose peace.

About Us

kleine herz is a nonprofit association that cares for poor, neglected and orphaned children in russia, ukraine and cambodia. Our goal is to give the youngest in these countries a better future.

Our Work

The main focus of his work is on Russia, Ukraine and Cambodia. Our commitment fell on fertile ground there, and we have a trusting cooperation with our local partners.

How you can help

Every child has the right to safety, food, clothing, education, and a safe and loving family. You now have the opportunity to make a child's dream come true by supporting our projects.

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Thanks to your help, hundreds of children have had a bright future so far!