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... people who want to help with all their heart so that children who were born on the dark side of life can draw hope for a better life.

His work focuses on little hearts Russia and the Ukraine, and recently too Cambodia, There our commitment fell on fertile ground, and we have a trusting cooperation with our local partners.

We offer several ways to help. You can sponsor a child, fund a project and offer a christmas present to a child in need .

A personal contact with children is important for us. 

We do not produce high-gloss brochures, but focus on providing targeted and concrete support.

Where do the needy children we support live?

In Russia, small hearts need help children in one of the poorest regions of Russia, the Pskov region. In Ukraine, one of the poorest countries in Europe, we have projects across the country. In Cambodia, a country marked by lasting wars of more than two decades and where extreme poverty still prevails, little hearts support a children's home for orphans and needy children.   [Continue →]


kleine herz is a nonprofit association that cares for poor, neglected and orphaned children in russia, ukraine and cambodia. Our goal is to give the youngest in these countries a better future.

We help by providing targeted direct assistance to ensure basic needs, through sponsorships of children and through concrete educational projects.

As a small and exclusively volunteer-run association, we know all the projects and many children personally. Your donation is passed on in its entirety to children in need.

Our transparent working method, our transparent use of funds, has been awarded the Austrian Donation Seal.

We sincerely thank all our loyal sponsors, partners, volunteers and friends who support our activities and our commitment regularly and give us a lot of motivation to help children.

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