Around the world, in every country there is need and needy people. If you want to help, you can do it best if you listen to your heart. The story before the founding of the club heart small In the year 2006 2001 started in Kaluga, Russia. We saw orphanages in desolate condition, in which the carers still tried to make the best of it. We also saw the hopelessness in the eyes of many small children, we saw the great need. heart small was founded to give these forgotten children a chance for a better future.

The countries we support today are Russia, Ukraine and Cambodia since the year 2019.

To know the social situation of a country, the local charity we work with and the projects we support, click on the country map.

How can you help?

Supported in every country heart small a Child Sponsorship Programto support the daily needs of children living in children's homes. The financial aid is mainly intended for education, medical treatment and clothing.

Supported in Ukraine and Russia heart small also  Projects to improve the living conditions of childrenwho live in children's homes.

Never doubt that a small group of serious and committed people can change the world. In fact, they are the only ones who can do this "- Margaret Mead