Medical aid for children and families in need

Ukraine plunged into a critical economic crisis due to the Donbass war. Ukrainian People suffer the misery of poverty and even hunger. According to the UN Development Programme, 24.2% of the population lives under the poverty line.

Despite the growing need for medical services caused by the conflict and its consequences, healthcare system expenditures were cut by 10.8 per cent in the State Budget for 2016, which is likely to further constrict the availability, affordability and accessibility of quality healthcare for the population at large. (UN report, March 2016)

Everyone has the right to health care. Unfortunately, medical aid has become inaccessible for many people; medication and medical tests are expensive and with an average income of less than 100 € per month, most of the population cannot effort it. Children suffer of sub-deficiencies or vitamin deficiencies due to an insufficient or unbalanced food.

In the Ukraine there are also many extremely poor and marginalized families without document proving their identity, most of them refugees from the war, many children of those disadvantaged families live on the street. This part of the population does not have access at all to medical support of the state. Many serious disease and epidemics start often in this population and the infant mortality rate is very high.

The aim of the project is to organize continuing medical care and medical assistance for extremely poor and marginalized families, elderly people and Roma.

The social centre of Caritas-Spes in Berdyansk, a port city  of south-east Ukraine, offers assistance to street children, poor families, refugees from the Donbass Regions, minorities, pregnant women and single mothers. The center provides psychological, educational, legal assistance and first help.

To succeed this project, the center needs to purchase medical equipment, medication and hygiene products, as well as employ a doctor and a nurse.

We need your support, please help us to help!

The total investment required to succeed the project is 15.100 EUR

Description Price in EUR
Furniture and equipment for the medical room 2.970,-
Purchase of medication and hygiene products for a year 5.950,-
Salaries for one doctor and one nurse for a year 6.180,-
Total 15.100,-

Thank you very much for your generosity!