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Medical equipment does wonders for disabled children

Significantly improving the health and wellbeing of severely handicapped children at the Bobrovo Children's Home by providing 6 new medical beds and 9 risers.

Thank you!

We thank you very much Kurt and Sonja Hog from Switzerland,
the ORFG (Austrian-Russian Friendship Society) and private sponsors
 for their valuable support.

The project: Forced to lie down - the children of Bobrovo>

Important benefits of medical beds:

The ability to adjust the position of the head and feet of children with disabilities suffering from motor disorders or respiratory distress is particularly important. The child can feel better and has the opportunity to play, eat and watch TV rather than just lying motionless. The side rails prevent children from accidentally rolling out of bed. The mattresses are washable for hygienic reasons.

Medical importance of risers:

Standing is important for our mental, emotional and physical health. Sitting longer may cause health problems. People in wheelchairs are at even greater risk for health complications. Reduced range of motion, decreased bowel function, and decreased respiratory function are some of the risks associated with prolonged sitting.

A Auffehlifter improves the freedom of movement of the ankle, spine, hips and knees. It can also improve digestion, motor skills, and blood circulation and normalize the respiratory function.

Disabled children can also benefit mentally and emotionally by using a Aufstehlifters. You will find it easier to participate in activities with your friends. A Aufstehlifter can also improve the ability to speak and responsiveness. In addition, it can improve the perception and alertness.