Dear Christmas Angel,

Registration for the Christmas angel campaign 2021 starts on September 15th.

We are counting on you more than ever this year.

The children will only receive one Christmas present,
namely yours!

Be an angel, please join us!

This year the children need your generosity more than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly increased poverty in Russia and Ukraine. Government aid was insignificant and the main concern of families who lived in poverty before the pandemic is being able to feed their children. Only you can give them the joy of Christmas. The only gift they'll get for Christmas will be yours!
The children who live in children's homes are either orphans, social orphans or have families who live below the poverty line and cannot feed their children.

The special thing about the Christmas angel campaign is that you buy a personal gift for a specific child in need and send it directly to the children's home. You will see the happiness that you put on their face and the joy that you have given them!
As a thank you, we will send you a photo of your Christmas child with their present.

Since 2012 there is the Christmas angel campaign from small hearts. This means that around 1 children from children's homes in Ukraine and Russia receive gifts for Christmas every year.

We look forward to you taking part in the Christmas angel campaign
supported this year.

Please note that the children's data will be available from October 10th.

After your registration you will get from the 10. October an email from us explaining how you can access the details of your Christmas child (s).

Why October 10th? The children's homes must update the information about the children before this deadline.

Before signing up, we recommend that you read the important information about the project. They contain information about the shipping of your package, the postage costs, the customs declaration and, most importantly, the possibility of buying the gifts online, which eliminates the shipping costs.

Dear godmother, dear godfather,
As a godparent, you are automatically the Christmas angel of your godchild. You don't have to log in.
If you want to be a Christmas angel for other children too, please register, thank you!

or donate for Christmas gifts from heart small to be sent:

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Donation amount: € 30

Please spread the Christmas angel campaign to your friends, relatives and colleagues.
Help 1200 children in need to experience the miracle of Christmas.