Christmas angel and COVID-19

On this page I will keep you informed about the shipping of parcels to Russia and Ukraine.

Sending packages to Ukraine

There are currently no restrictions on shipping packages to Ukraine

Sending packages to Russia

January 12, 2021: RUSSIA

Yuhu! Since January 11th, parcels can be sent from Austria to Russia.

Please note that the low-priced “Light International” tariff is not yet authorized.

Some children have returned to school and are back in their children's homes.
The packages received during the end of the year celebrations can be distributed to the children. The photos will be available shortly.
Christmas angels are informed by email.

November 27: RUSSIA

Today I was informed that some children are infected with Covid 19.

Many children and teachers are also sick, have the flu or bronchitis.

The children's homes for severely disabled children receive Christmas gifts from our Christmas angels, but cannot pass them on to children for the time being: health regulations of the authorities of the region.

November 21: RUSSIA

The first Christmas gifts on the Russian online store were ordered, have arrived and have already made children happy.

Instructions for ordering a gift in the Russian online store>

November 15: RUSSIA

The pandemic has been worrying since the beginning of November. Many countries have quarantined their populations.
This situation has also meant that the shipping of international parcels from Austria was temporarily suspended. Parcels that were sent by Christmas angels living in Austria between the end of October and November 11th are currently stored at Schwechat Airport.

From November 11th, Austrian Post stopped accepting international parcels. This restriction is temporary.

There are currently no restrictions for Christmas angels living in Germany and Switzerland. If you do have problems, please let me know, thank you!

Is your package already in Russia?

To verify this, enter your package number on this website:
Parcels that have left Austria appear to be delivered normally, but lag behind the standard delivery time. The first photos of children with their gifts have already been published.

Is your parcel still in Austria?

We have to wait. We hope that Swiss Post will resume its international activities before Christmas. Unfortunately, due to the situation, it will take a long time for the packages to be delivered.

Haven't you got the gift yet?

It is possible to order a gift in the Russian online store Delivery takes place within 5 days. Some Christmas angels have already used this option. The first ozone packs have already been given to children. If you choose this option, I recommend that you send an email addressed to the child with a picture of yourself. You send this email to the person responsible for the project in the children's home, who gives it to the child.

The steps to order your gift online at are explained to you in this document:

Instructions for ordering a gift in the Russian online store>

If you wish, small hearts can also be ordered for you. Simply write us an email.