Cambodia is located on the Indo-Chinese peninsula and borders Thailand and Laos in the north and Vietnam in the east and south. The Gulf of Thailand is located on the western coast. Cambodia (Kingdom of Cambodia) is a liberal democracy under a constitutional monarchy with 15,4 million inhabitants, of which 70% are under 35 years old.
The per capita income from GDP is only US $ 1.498,82 annually.

Cambodia is a country characterized by lasting wars of more than two decades. At that time, many people became victims; Many families have lost their members, have starved or died from fighting. Fortunately, some of them were able to find a better life abroad. Because of the war, many women were widowed and many children orphaned. They struggled to find a way to survive through hardships, difficulties and illiteracy.

The country was marked by years of totalitarian rule of the Khmer Rouge, led by a bloody dictator Pol-Pot between 1975 and 1979. During this time, the Khmer Rouge committed a terrible genocide. 1,7 Millions of people were killed, more than a fifth of Cambodia's population at the time.

Cambodia, which has regained its sovereignty from 1991, has developed and made some great progress, however the country faces new challenges today:

  • the reconstruction of agricultural, educational and economic systems.
  • The fight against extreme poverty, the rising numbers of people living with HIV / AIDS, drug use, alcoholism and domestic violence, and the labor exploitation of many Cambodians who work for lowest pay in neighboring countries.

Children of poor families are hardest hit. Many of these children are illiterate and very prone to illness and abuse. Due to the difficulty with access to education, the risk of drug use is very high. The poor parents who try to survive themselves can not help their children, which can lead to the instability of an entire nation.

Those who save a life have saved the whole world. " (Tibetan proverb)

I am a Cambodian woman (Khmer national) who loves this country, people, culture and civilization. I wanted to contribute to the restoration and development of the health of people and especially of vulnerable women and their children. I took the initiative and founded a center to help all these people ”- Nuon Phaly, founder and former president of FLO

FLO is an organization that runs a care center for orphans, very poor and vulnerable Cambodian children. There are currently 76 children living in the children's home, 33 boys and 46 girls. FLO is located a few kilometers from Phnom Penh International Airport. FLO is officially recognized in Cambodia by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs as a charitable organization.

The children's home is dedicated to the care and help of Cambodian children in need, to enable them to lead a healthy, happy, moral and productive life, in the hope that they can confidently lead a full life with their own abilities and thus Cambodia too a better one Will help the future.

FLO provides children with healthy eating, educational material, training and protection. In addition, FLO provides physical and mental support to children to ensure a stable life and help them to help themselves.

The children's home is a “home” for the children, where they live, live and learn until they can lead a life as adults. Until then, it's part of a big family. As a result, FLO has to care for them with love and good organization and provide all the necessary products such as school uniform, materials, hygiene supplies, food and much more. FLO is facing financial problems as it no longer has a main sponsor to support it on a regular basis.


How does the sponsorship work?

After your registration, you will receive the information about your godchild as well as his contact details.   

  1. They correspond by e-mail in English with your godchild - The children learn English, the second language in Cambodia
  2. FLO regularly sends photos of your godchild and informs you about the news and the current life situation
  3. You only pay one Euro per day