Sponsorship for orphans students in Russia

Orphans in Russia are from the 19. Years as a grown up and have to leave the orphanage because they can live independently after the Russian law. How difficult it is, can certainly imagine each.

Thanks to several generous sponsors small hearts currently supports 15 students.

What will help?

A student sponsorship is possible without great effort a needy young adults to give the means to contribute to developing well and successfully. For orphans, although it is free to study and get a place to sleep, but the expenses for daily life such as clothing, food and learning materials need to be financed.

You can take on a sponsorship with a contribution of 3,90 euros per day for a period of 2 to 5 years (about as long as the training takes).

The story of Michael

Mihail was an orphan who has experienced a hard life early. He was born on 5. May 1990 born in the region of Pskov. Even as a child he spent his time on the road instead of a kindergarten visit. His father was unemployed and alcoholics ... more>

We need your help…

small heart urgently seeking generous individuals, businesses or clubs that Russian orphans give the opportunity to study. The desired financial aid amounts to 110 euros per month plus 50 euros for a birthday and 50 euros for a Christmas gift. The support of the orphan students has been created by the end of the program (max. 5 years). You also have the possibility to withdraw annually by the support agreement.

  • They get from small hearts a complete dossier on the students with a photo and a self-written description.
  • You also get 3 times a year reports on the study of their students.

If you are interested to support an orphan students, please fill out our form without obligation of: