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The children's home of Opochka for socially disadvantaged children has a new sports hall

Thanks to the generous support of the association Children in Vienna The sports hall of the children's home of Opochka was renovated for socially disadvantaged children. 

The sports hall was so desperate that the children could no longer run sports in the winter. The windows and roof were no longer waterproof and the temperature in the gym was far too low.

To the 70. Anniversary of Children in Vienna In November 2018 and since the beginning of 2018, donations were collected from each of the 91 kindergarten and the staff of the office to realize two urgent projects for needy children in Opochka orphanages in the Pskov region of Russia. The two projects, the construction of a food warehouse for the children's home of Opochka for children with developmental delays and the refurbishment and renovation of the sports hall of the second Opochka children's home for socially disadvantaged children have been successfully completed.

39 280 EUR was collected for both projects.

70 years of children in Vienna (KIWI)>

Construction of a food store for the Opochka children's home for children with developmental delays>

Already since the year 2013 supports each of the 91 kindergartens of the association Children in Vienna as part of the small heart guardian angel project a needy child living in a children's home in the Pskov region.

Through the guardian angel project, the Viennese children should learn in good time that there are needy children who are not feeling well. For the Russian children it is a sign that they are not alone and that there are children who are interested in them and pay attention to them.

On behalf of the nonprofit association, "little hearts" and the needy children we support, we sincerely thank you for the great support and heart for children in need.