Private sponsors used your birthday or wedding for a fundraising campaign to give children in need a chance for the future by financing a project.

A total of EUR were collected until now 23.000.

We are thrilled and very grateful for the great support. 100% of the donations were passed on to the respective projects. We thank ..

Sonja and Kurt Hog
Milana Prodanovic
Thomas Siegl

Wolfgang Kraus
Diana Davis

Peter Hausner
Susi Wilding

who with your donation and the donations of your friends and relatives have enabled us to help children in need.

they receive the gratitude directly from the children expressed through beautiful photos or even a thank you letter.

There are many special occasions in life that one would like to celebrate with family, friends or colleagues. Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, a wedding anniversary or a company anniversary - more and more people are foregoing the usual presents on this occasion and putting their party under the motto “Donations instead of gifts”.

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You can select a project and get from us the project with flyers and photos that you can present beforehand. After that, they get a nice report on the converted project that you can send as a thank you to all who have helped.


Help us to help! Thank you!