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សូមអរគុណ "sam arkoum" Thanks!

សូម អរគុណ «sam arkoum» Thank you!

Thanks to the sponsors of the needy children at the FLO children's home in Cambodia, the children were provided with new blankets and pillows. Medicines and hygiene products could also be bought for the new school year.

The children also received gifts, clothes and shoes from their respective godparents, which were bought on site. Yit, who is responsible for the sponsorship project on site, is in regular contact with the sponsors by email.

Attention: It is currently not possible to send gifts to Cambodia by post. Packages do not arrive at the destination and are not returned to the sender. We recommend our sponsors to make a transfer to the little heart donation account. The donations of the sponsors are transferred to the FLO account. Flo will then grant the sponsor and the child's request.

Thanks to the school bag project, with the active participation of sponsors and donors, all children will be happy to receive their school bags. The children are also provided with school uniforms by small hearts.

The children are currently living in quarantine in the FLO children's home. The school year usually begins on November 1st. We all hope the pandemic will be under control by then.

សូម អរគុណ
«Sam arkoum» Thank you!