The little heart sponsorship program for disadvantaged children was well received by the local press in the Pskov region. small hearts has supported orphans and needy children in this region since 2009.

We are very grateful for the support and loyalty of our sponsors. The monthly financial support of the sponsors helps us to realize urgent projects for the children's home where the godchild lives.

The other very important and above all personal aspect of the sponsorship is the direct contact with the child. The most effective way to build a relationship with the godchild is letter writing, be it a short note or multiple pages, handwritten or written online, with or without photos monthly or less frequently.

Writing letters is a love job because when a godfather writes a letter to his godchild, it helps build emotional growth through self-esteem, encouraging learning, and nurturing dreams. Godchildren keep the letters and photos of their godparents. The value of this emotional bond is invaluable.

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Thank-you letter from the children's home

Translation of the press article:

Sponsorship project of the association “small hearts”

The Austrian non-profit association “kleine herzen”, a long-term partner of the Pskov Children's Foundation, continues to implement a sponsorship project for children from children's homes in the Pskov region.

The sponsorship project works thanks to the commitment and support of individuals, benefactors of the charity “little hearts”. Anyone can sponsor a child and provide material support - the minimum support is 30 euros per month.

Little Hearts uses the funds for charitable projects to improve the life of the godchild in his school. Thanks to the sponsorship project, the children of Krasnogorodsk-Agro children's home recently bought furniture worth around 105.000 rubles. Crafting material, vegetable seeds and much more is also purchased for students of other boarding schools.

It should be noted that in addition to financial support, sponsors also offer psychological support for their sponsored children. They send gifts to children for their birthday and Christmas and can regularly correspond with the children via email with the help of teachers. Personal communication is an extremely important part of this project. The friendship between sponsors and sponsored children often lasts after the child leaves school. “The project makes the child feel more confident,” said Pascale Vayer, president of the charity organization small hearts. "The child knows that someone is thinking of them and that it is important."

Pskov Children's Foundation thanks the association “kleine hearts”, its president Pascale Vayer and all sponsors for their help for the children in need in the Pskov region.

Thanks to the sponsors, new beds and wardrobes for children's rooms were purchased.