Poverty prevents a decent life and reduces access to social, educational and cultural goods. Children are the most affected.

With 1, - Euro per day you can ensure that a child can develop appropriately!


The economic and social conditions in Russia and Ukraine are still catastrophic and especially affect orphans.
Often these are not orphans, but through the bad social conditions, alcoholism and / or power of the parents, these are often unable to properly care for their children or they lack money to a sick child to be able to maintain in accordance ,

In Cambodia One third of the population lives below the poverty line. Children from poor regions are particularly affected by malnutrition and very precarious living conditions. Abandoned children are looked after by children's homes, which can survive only through private donations.

Your contribution makes all the difference, because in that small is the heart entirely by volunteers, your post flows, especially in the education and medical care of the child and in the preservation of the parent or orphanage.

"After  lieben is help the most beautiful verb in the world. "
Bertha von Suttner

What are the next steps?

When becoming a sponsor, you get the name and birth date, as well as a photo and address of your child. To have the opportunity get in contact with your godchild. About a personal letter or small gifts your child would particularly since it is no one else's, from which it can expect something.

These children have no relatives, from which you receive at Christmas or a birthday, a package, or even a map. You have the option to put your godchild this joy and you will see how beautiful it is to have such a responsible job when you receive letters and photos of your child.