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Poverty prevents a decent life and reduces access to social, educational and cultural goods. Children are the most affected.

Important Information

Sponsorship for a Ukrainian child

All of our orphans in Burgenland, which small hearts evacuated on March 27th and who are currently living in Austria, have a godparent.
We would like to thank all the sponsors who responded to our appeal, as well as the Kronen Zeitung and ATVwho support this project.

With 1 euro per day

you can ensure a child's proper development!


Child in need from Cambodia

Sponsoring a child abroad means helping a child in need grow up, thrive in their country of birth and build an autonomous and responsible adult life.

It is also a unique opportunity to share a meaningful experience with a child from a different culture. The relationships between godparents and their godchildren have a particularly positive emotional effect on the development of the children.

little hearts supports the sponsorship of disadvantaged children in Russia and Ukraine since its inception in the year 2006, and since April 2019 the sponsorship for disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Many of our sponsors have supported a child for more than 12 years.

Since its inception until June 2022, small hearts has supported the sponsorship of disadvantaged children in the Pskov region of Russia. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the international sanctions against Russia, we had to stop sponsoring the children in the Pskov region, Russia.

Read the Detailed information about our child sponsorship program


What are the next steps?

When becoming a sponsor, you get the name and birth date, as well as a photo and address of your child. To have the opportunity get in contact with your godchild. About a personal letter or small gifts your child would particularly since it is no one else's, from which it can expect something.

These children have no relatives, from which you receive at Christmas or a birthday, a package, or even a map. You have the option to put your godchild this joy and you will see how beautiful it is to have such a responsible job when you receive letters and photos of your child.

Your contribution makes all the difference, because in that small is the heart entirely by volunteers, your post flows, especially in the education and medical care of the child and in the preservation of the parent or orphanage.
with Sina, February 2022