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Palliative care project for children in Kiev successfully completed

We are so happy!

The project to open a palliative care unit for children in Kiev has been completed.

The two palliative care rooms have been active since September 2019. The second part of the project includes the installation of oxygen in the palliative care rooms, the installation of a ventilation system, the renovation of the corridor and two additional rooms.

In addition to the corridor and the two palliative care rooms, the palliative care ward was expanded. The palliative care unit was allocated two small additional rooms in front of the palliative care rooms: a room for storing equipment to prevent theft and another room for medical consultations. The entire part of the hospital wing on the ground floor, in which the palliative care rooms are located, now belongs to the palliative care ward.

"Gratitude can turn ordinary days into Thanksgiving, routine tasks into joy, and ordinary occasions into blessings."

The palliative care unit supports families of children with incurable diseases from all over Ukraine.

Thanks to this project, important national changes are underway. Several reports from Ukrainian national television highlighted the need to extend the project to the regions of Ukraine and also to organize palliative care for children at home.

We are very grateful for the generous financial support from our partner Merck Family Foundationwho, after funding the state-of-the-art medical equipment, enabled the completion of the entire project

We thank the Austrian association H. Stepic CEE Charity for his support, which made the renovation of palliative care rooms possible.

This project is just the beginning of a series of initiatives to help children from poor families in need of palliative care in Ukraine.

We thank our partners in Ukraine, the non-profit organizations “June31” and Caritas-Spes Ukraine for their excellent work.

Thanks to the professional and daily monitoring of the project by Aleksandra Telyatnikova and Natalia Grashchenkova from the organization “June31”, the project could be carried out perfectly.

From the bottom of my heart THANKS to all project participants.

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