Children from Pushgory in Russia who are infected with tuberculosis can now sleep in new, comfortable and comfortable beds thanks to the generosity of our long-term partner, the non-profit organization Stepic CEE Charity.

80 heavily damaged beds, dirty and worn-out mattresses, torn sheets, very thin blankets that do not warm a child in winter, and pillows that were worn over the years could be replaced by new beds including mattresses and linens.

The boarding school supports 130 with tuberculosis infected children from the age of 7 to 18 years from all districts of the Pskov region. These children are either infected with tuberculosis or have recovered from lung tuberculosis and are in the healing process. The children come from families who live in poverty. The children in the Pksow region have a greater risk of developing tuberculosis due to the effects of extreme poverty. Infected parents, malnutrition and poor medical care are the sad reasons that increase the risk of infection and spread the disease.

A healthy sleep is of utmost importance for these children to gain strength and regain their health.

heart small and their reliable local partner "Pskov Children's Foundation" participated in the opening ceremony of the project at 13. September. The children showed their enthusiasm and gratitude with songs and dances.

In the name of the children, the authorities and our partner "Pskov Children's Foundation", we thank H. Stepic CEE Charity for their cooperation and great support.

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