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Mathilde and the children from FLO in Cambodia

Mathilde and the children from FLO in Cambodia

Mathilde, our volunteer and project manager for Cambodia is finally with the children of FLO in Phnom Penh.

A desire for change, a need to help those most in need, Mathilde took a year of unpaid leave to go to Cambodia to volunteer with the children of the FLO children's home.

Mathilde arrived in Cambodia in mid-March. After 18 days of quarantine, locked in a hotel, alone in a room, she was finally able to move freely, but not for long: the country declared a lockdown that lasted all of May. During this time she could not see the children but gave them online English lessons every day of the week.

The happiness of getting to know the children and for the children to finally meet Mathilde was possible at the beginning of June, the joy was great. Mathilde can now give her English lessons at FLO (Future Light Organization). I am sharing with you the very first pictures of Mathilde and the children.

Virasy, the director of FLO and Mathilde will organize online meetings with the children and their godparents. A first time, a first encounter that will certainly not be the last.

I thank Mathilde for her commitment, her passion and her big heart and wish her and the children good luck together.

You give little when you give of what you have. It is when you give of yourself that you really give. "

Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet