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The palliative ward in Kiev has received his first small patient

The project to open the first pediatric palliative care unit in Kiev at the Institute of Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology will be finalized shortly.

This project touches us all very much. The death of a child is inconceivable.

Ukraine, still suffering from the war, does not yet have the resources to invest in palliative care centers for children. Every year more than 16.000 children in Ukraine need palliative help. Today, the situation is such that a child, if suffering from an incurable disease, is sent home or taken to a hospital to which the parents have no access. The child dies alone. The parents do not receive any psychological support in their indescribable and unimaginable suffering.

The refurbishment of the premises of the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (PAG) has been completed and this spring will be delivered state-of-the-art medical equipment. The center has already received its first little patient and his parents. At the institute, it will now be possible to take up to 5 children in the palliative care unit.

The palliative care unit consists of two large, modern rooms. Each child can be cared for by separate walls separated from the other children. The children are constantly cared for by competent doctors and have their parents around them, who themselves are supported by psychologists.

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Small hearts thanks from the bottom of my heart:

Merck Family Foundation for the financing of all modern medical equipment as well as for part of the room furnishings, and Merck Austria for the cooperation,

Stepic CEE Charity for the financing of the complete renovation of the palliative care unit and the beds,

Mag. Barbara Havel and  Prof. Dr. Bernhard Stallkamp for the organization of the collection of medical devices in Germany and Austria,

of the Ukrainian Embassy in Austria for the transport of donated goods.

This project would never have been possible without the passion and energy of a great team. Little hearts thanks:

Claudia Eder, Little hearts project manager - Claudia put her heart and soul into making the project a success.

The Ukrainian organization St. Luke (31 June) and the initiator of the project in Ukraine, who is responsible for the implementation of the project - Aleksandra Telyatnikova, Natalya Grashchenkova,

Caritas-Spes, Since 2006 partner from small hearts in Ukraine, responsible for donation management - Olena Noha, Tetyana Kalіnіchenko,

Dr. Svitlana GaidaChief physician of the new palliative care unit, for her dedication to caring for children at the end of life,

Dr. Alexander Scherba, Ambassador of Ukraine in Austria for his valuable support.

The center will be officially opened in June.

Julia Stering
Press contact and communication

from left to right: Tetyana, Olena, Aleksandra, Svetlana, Pascale, Natalya
Claudia and Svetlana