A new house full of love and hope for mothers and their children

Thanks to the generous donation from BILD hilft eV "A Heart for Children", small hearts was able to support the construction of a mother-child house in Korotytsch, Eastern Ukraine.

Poverty is widespread in Ukraine. As long as people who need help have an intact family environment, the situation can usually still be dealt with. Those who don't have this environment often don't know where to get their next meal, let alone a place to sleep or warm clothes. Single mothers and their children are a particularly vulnerable group. In many cases the mothers live on the street with their children. They fight against hopelessness and lack of prospects, they lose drugs and alcohol. Thousands of single mothers live in unsafe conditions in Ukraine.

With a generous donation from BILD hilft eV "A heart for children" little hearts could support the construction of a mother-child house in Korotytsch.

Haus St. Josef, which is operated by our long-term partner Caritas Spes, offers 8 separate rooms for small families. They share a kitchen and common areas. Under the guidance of the nuns of St. Joseph, the mothers learn to cope with the tasks and challenges of daily life, to look after their children and to find a job. The aim is to prepare the mothers for an independent life and to give them ongoing help in bringing up their children.