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Strautmann has financed an important educational project for disabled children

Strautmann has financed an important educational project for disabled children

The children of Opochka
Thanks to the generous support of the German company B. Strautmann & Söhne GmbH and Co. KG, the Opochka children's home was equipped with the necessary equipment for the upbringing of mentally handicapped children.

Small hearts thanks his long-term partner and donor,
the Strautmann company for their generosity and loyal support.

In the children's home in Opochka, Pskov region, Russia, 15 children with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities urgently need educational support adapted to their disabilities.

The number of such children has increased in recent years. This is partly due to the parents, and especially the mother, consuming alcohol and smoking during their pregnancy.

Intellectual disability in children is mainly characterized by an inadequacy of the skills that determine the general level of intelligence, that is, a limitation of cognitive abilities (language, memory, attention, thinking, logic).

Children with intellectual disabilities also suffer from adjustment problems, particularly with communicating with others, learning autonomy, and learning standards.

In order to absorb the teaching material, these children need constant practical exercises and a concretization of the teacher's explanations in practice. Thanks to didactic games developed by experts and software adapted to their lessons, children get to know their surroundings through play. They acquire better self-confidence, enjoy learning and ultimately have a great chance of integrating into society later.

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