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A recognition that touches us deeply

Giving a child a gift is a gesture of love.

A child whose family and social situation is precarious has got used to not sending out Christmas wishes. His gratitude is all the more touching when his wish is granted.

This is the purpose of the Christmas Angel campaign. And when the child expresses his gratitude through a drawing, through a thank you note on a small card, it becomes a moment of deep joy for the person who sent him a gift.

I never expected that severely disabled children would express their gratitude, apart from the joy that the amateur photographer tried to capture in a photo.

I have just received thank you cards from the children of the Belkoye Ustye Children's Home and I was deeply touched. These cards are addressed to their Christmas angels.

I want to share my feelings with you.

I thank all the Christmas angels who, despite these difficult times we live in, brought happiness to a child.