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A meeting that goes to the heart

little hearts supports the sponsorship of disadvantaged children in Russia and Ukraine since its inception in the year 2006, and since April 2019 the sponsorship for disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Many of our sponsors have supported a child for more than 12 years.

Sponsoring a child abroad means helping a child in need to grow up, thrive in their country of birth, and build an autonomous and responsible adult life. It is also a unique opportunity to share a meaningful experience with a child from another culture. The relationships between sponsors and their sponsored children have a particularly positive emotional impact on the children's development.

Little Hearts also encourages godparents to visit their godchild during a trip to their country. If it is possible, do not hesitate! When you spend the day with your sponsored child, you have the rare opportunity to share their life and get to know their surroundings. You will see concretely how your sponsorship makes the difference in your life by discovering the progress that has been made thanks to you.

In the opinion of all sponsors who have done this, this visit is a unique experience, rich in emotions and unforgettable for you as well as for the child!

Anita tells us about her meeting with her sponsored child Marin in Cambodia at the FLO children's home, Phnom Penh, in July 2019

A meeting that goes to the heart
A meeting that goes to the heart
A meeting that goes to the heart
A meeting that goes to the heart
A meeting that goes to the heart

“We had a present with us for our sponsored child Marin in the children's home FLO. Finally the time had come and we made our way to the children's home in a TukTuk. Once there, we were warmly welcomed by Yit Virasy.

He led us to his office, already waiting for Marin. We were greeted by a very shy girl, who was visibly overwhelmed with us "Westerners". Only after my two girls had presented the presents, including a self-made bracelet of my daughter, stole a beaming on the serious face. The ice was broken. While Yit told me about the lives of the children in the orphanage, the girls got in touch with each other. Although the language barrier separated them, there was still a way to communicate with each other.

Yit tells about the everyday life of children. They go to public schools in the morning. At 12 o'clock there is a daily lunch, until 13 o'clock is then rested, after that English or IT classes begin at the children's home. After that, the homework will be done. The big ones help the smaller children. It seems very tight organized, but we were allowed to meet the children and they all seemed very satisfied and happy. We were given a smile and a friendly "Hello".

Above all, Yits report pleased me to hear that the children are allowed to stay in the home until they can lead a life independently.

Yit also took us through the FLO facility until the children returned from school. Marin took my older daughter by the hand and showed her her "room," a room she shared with all the other girls to sleep in. My daughter melted away and did not want to let go of Marin. It was very emotional for me to experience my daughter, who rarely shows feelings. We were also shown the computer room equipped with computers, as well as the library of English and Khor language books and the classroom where English is taught. In the kitchen, the cook was about to finish the meal.

Everything looked very well maintained. Finally, the other children came from school. Very disciplined, they lined up in front of the dining room and Yit explained who we are. Marin was always very proud of us. We were patterned with smiling faces. At the latest, after we were also able to present gifts from other sponsors and saw the bright eyes of these children, this visit was an unforgettable experience. The children were then allowed to pick up their lunch in the kitchen and again the discipline was amazing. The children are very well educated, but seemed very satisfied and happy. My daughters were allowed to give each child as a dessert the sweets they brought with them - and again these radiant faces.

Then we said goodbye so as not to disturb the daily routine. It was difficult for us to say goodbye, especially to Marin. Within a very short time we took the little girl into our hearts. It was an unforgettable meeting. A meeting that went to the heart. I am very happy that I can be part of this wonderful project. A project that gives hope in this country. To be the godmother for Marin is a great gift for me and my daughters. "

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