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A new tractor for the Krasnogorodsk children's home

A new tractor for the Krasnogorodsk children's home

A new tractor for the Krasnogorodsk children's home

Our special thanks go to Dr.-Ing. Eh Bernard Krone.

The children's home in Krasnogorodsk, a small town in the Pskov region, supports more than 100 orphans and needy children with intellectual disabilities, especially those who have great difficulty in attending a normal school. The children's education focuses on learning agricultural trades. The children's home has a large piece of land, a large part of which is cultivated.

A tractor is an essential requirement for this facility. Unfortunately, the old tractor they owned was often broken and cost too much to maintain.

Dr.-Ing. Eh Bernard Krone gave the children's home a newly renovated tractor on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Dr.-Ing. Eh Bernard Krone, owner and chairman of the advisory board Bernard Krone Holding GmbH & Co. KG in Spelle (Emsland) is one of the outstanding entrepreneurs in the agricultural engineering and commercial vehicle industry in Germany.

Due to the pandemic situation, the present has not been able to get to the children's home since April, but after going through all the waiting procedures, the tractor “rolled” to the children's home on October 22nd.

The keys to the tractor were from Maxim Grigoryev, general director of Krone Rus LLC, who delivered the tractor, to the director of the children's home, Julia Kocheshkova.

On behalf of the children, educators and employees of the children's home, I thank Bernard Krone sincerely for his very generous donation.