A life destroyed in a split second!

Maxim, 28, father of three young children, was hit by a tree in a cyclone in late June 2021 and seriously injured. Maxim and his family urgently need our help!

Maxim, his wife Viktoria, 28, and their three children, ages 8, 3 and 1, live in poverty in Russia in the Pskov region. Viktoria, who was orphaned at an early age and grew up in a state orphanage, looks after her children. Maxim has a university education. He graduated from Pskov State University, Faculty of Computer and Electrical Engineering, but still couldn't find a job, despite the constant search until the day the tragedy struck.

On June 26, 2021, when the storm is raging, Maxim rushes home. On the way there, his life changed in a split second. A tree fell on him and severely injured his spine. Maxim was then operated on and has been in great pain ever since; he is currently bedridden and paraplegic in the lower limbs.

X-ray image of Maxim's spine
X-ray of Maxim's spine after surgery.

The young family's financial situation was already very critical. Your only income is child benefit for a small child under 2 years of age and unemployment benefit. Your total income is $ 300 / € 260 per month. When the last child is 2 years old, the family will only live on Maxim's unemployment benefit (€ 140 per month).

The family lives in a small, partially furnished apartment with stove heating. The existing facility was bought with bank loans as Maxim never gave up hope of finding a job.

Maxim is bedridden and needs paramedical care, which is not free in Russia. He also needs a medical bed. Maxim and his family urgently need our help.

Please help Maxim and his small family survive, thank you!

Maxim urgently needs our help.

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