The story of an angel on earth

Anna and her small family urgently need our help. Make a Christmas miracle possible! Anna is 26 years old and has hereditary hemolytic anemia - a serious disease that constantly destroys blood cells, thereby causing other diseases. Anna's mother died in 2013, the father for 6 yearsRead More

Our trip to Russia, Pskov region

1. to 8. September 2019 A Journey of Recognition, Partnership and Friendship ...... Significant Recognition of the Government of the Pskov Region During the seven-day trip to Russia, Mikhail Vedernikov, who is grateful to the Governor of the Pskov region, visited the town already realized togetherRead More

The luck to finally have a mobile stair lift

Imagine you had to carry a seriously handicapped child several times a day in a wheelchair to the next floor. This was part of the work of educators and staff who have been working for years at the Bobrovo Children's Home for severely disabled children. Since the children's home now use the new mobile and autonomous stairliftRead More